Frequently asked questions

Q. What does EPDM stand for?
A. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer.

Q. Is Firestone environmentally friendly?
Firestone EPDM is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use of the product. The Greenpeace publication “Building The Future” names EPDM as the environmentally friendly choice for roofing membranes. Firestone Building Products’ commitment to the environment is reflected in the ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System implemented at all of Firestones's EPDM manufacturing plants. Finally the Danish Environmental Protection Authority recommends EPDM as an alternative to PVC.

Q. Can I walk on my roof?
A. Yes you can. EPDM rubber is extremely tough and is designed to allow for maintenance.

Q. What colour is EPDM rubber?
A. It is dark gray in colour.

Q. Is Firestone EPDM expensive?
A. No. It compares very well with all other kinds of roof covering options.

Q. Is your work guaranteed?
A. Yes it is. Firestone EPDM products are fully guaranteed. Your new flat roof will come with a 20 year guarantee.

Q. How long has EPDM rubber been around for?
A. It has been used for over 50 years in America and is now making huge strides on a world wide basis.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. All over the UK.

Q. How long will installation take?
A. It depends on how much work is involved. But one day is usually sufficient.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes. Rubber Roofing is fully insured.